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ANBI (Public Bnefit Organisation - a fiscal status)

The Foundation R.C. Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol has the ANBI status based on the group tax decision of the Roman Catholic Church. The information on this page is required in order to keep the ANBI status.


The Foundation R.C. Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol

The Foundation R.C. Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol (RKLS) is a Public Benefit Organisation that is committed to public interest for more than 90% and works on a non-profit basis.



The objectives of the R.C. Airport Chaplaincy are:
a. To take care of the material interests of the Airport Chaplaincy;
b. To make the chaplaincy possible
c. Advising and supporting the Chaplaincy.


Remuneration policy

The members of the board receive no reward for the performance of their duties. They are entitled to reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred by their function.


Foundation policy

The foundation policy can be found: https://www.airportchaplaincy.nl/nl/anbi


Governance of the Foundation R.C. Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol (RKLS)

The board members are:

  • Jos Traudes, chairman
  • Ton Overgaag, secretary
  • Lano Jansen, treasurer
  • Mieke Blankers-Kasbergen, board member
  • Ambro Bakker, board member in an advisory capacity from the diocese Haarlem-Amsterdam


A complete financial report is available of the year 2019.  Go to financial report to open and read, or download.



The legal information of RKLS:

RSIN  (Fiscal code)                                                                                                                    
Legal form Foundation                                 
Registered name
Stichting R.K. Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol
Mail address Vertrekpassage 1 - unit 219, 1118 AV Schiphol
Telephone number 020 - 601 2567
Chamber of Commerce code 94911 –Religieuze Organisaties
Bank account number NL19RABO0378506129 t.n.v. St. R.K. Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol
Website https://rk.airportchaplaincy.nl
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


More information about our foundation regarding the ANBI fiscal status can be found at https://anbi.rkcn.nl/publicaties/HAA770

Governance of the Roman Catholic Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol foundation (RKLS)

The board members of the Catholic Foundation are:

  • Jos Traudes, chairman
  • Ton Overgaag, secretary
  • Lano Jansen, treasurer
  • Mieke Blankers-Kasbergen, board member
  • Father Ambro Bakker SMA, on behalve of the diocese Haarlem-Amsterdam


Getting acquainted with Father Timmermans of the RKLS



Gerard Timmermans SMA (the Society of Africa Missions). Father Gerard Timmermans was dedicated on July 7, 1996. After having worked in Zambia for four years, he started in Amsterdam. He has worked for and with asylum seekers and refugees. Besides this work he was asked to give an impetus to the change in migrant communities. This is on a managerial level, nationwide and to a design by the diocese. Father Timmermans joined the Airport Chaplaincy on January 1, 2008.

Stichting Ondersteuning Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol (SOLS)

The managements boards of the three foundations within the Aiport Chaplaincy work jointly in the Stichting Ondersteuning Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol (Foundation to support the Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol). The Roman Catholic church is represented by the R.C. Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol, the Protestant church and the Remonstrant Brotherhood are represented by the Protestant Airport Chaplaincy and the Old Catholic and Anglican churches are represented by the Old Catholic and Anglican Airport Ministry).

Mission Statement of SOLS

The Stichting Ondersteuning Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol wishes to offer the passengers at Schiphol Airport pastoral and practical care, support and spiritual assistance, based on a Christian identity and in ecumenical collaboration, regardless of denomination, through the pastors and the volunteers. The following Christian values are of utmost importance: compassion, dialogue, integrity and respect.


How can you reach us?



Mail address:
Stichting R.K. Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol
Vertrekpassage 1 - unit 219
1118 AP Schiphol

In an emergency situation please call: 020-6014751



Should you wish to support our foundation financially, please use the following details:
Stichting R.K. Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol
Bank account number.: NL19RABO0378506129

Objectives and Tasks

 SCH 22

The prime objectives of the Airport pastors are:

  • To take care of and assist passengers in case of bereavement or other traumatic experiences;
  • To provide support for Medical Services in special cases;
  • To support refugees with practical matters (such as a bed for the night, food and references to the authorities involved);
  • On request, a visit to those in temporary custody;
  • Advise and support to stranded passengers;
  • Collaboration with Airport Staff in assisting disaster victims;
  • Recruitment, selection and management of the volunteers who, in their turn manage the Meditation Centre and support and assist passengers.