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ANBI (Public Bnefit Organisation - a fiscal status)

The Foundation R.C. Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol has the ANBI status based on the group tax decision of the Roman Catholic Church. The information on this page is required in order to keep the ANBI status.


The Foundation R.C. Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol

The Foundation R.C. Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol (RKLS) is a Public Benefit Organisation that is committed to public interest for more than 90% and works on a non-profit basis.



The objectives of the R.C. Airport Chaplaincy are:
a. To take care of the material interests of the Airport Chaplaincy;
b. To make the chaplaincy possible
c. Advising and supporting the Chaplaincy.


Remuneration policy

The members of the board receive no reward for the performance of their duties. They are entitled to reimbursement of reasonable expenses incurred by their function.


Foundation policy

The foundation policy can be found: https://www.airportchaplaincy.nl/nl/anbi


Governance of the Foundation R.C. Airport Chaplaincy Schiphol (RKLS)

The board members are:

  • Jos Traudes, chairman
  • Ton Overgaag, secretary
  • Lano Jansen, treasurer
  • Mieke Blankers-Kasbergen, board member
  • Ambro Bakker, board member in an advisory capacity from the diocese Haarlem-Amsterdam


A complete financial report is available of the year 2019.  Go to financial report to open and read, or download.



The legal information of RKLS:

RSIN  (Fiscal code)                                                                                                                    
Legal form Foundation                                 
Registered name
Stichting R.K. Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol
Mail address Vertrekpassage 1 - unit 219, 1118 AV Schiphol
Telephone number 020 - 601 2567
Chamber of Commerce code 94911 –Religieuze Organisaties
Bank account number NL19RABO0378506129 t.n.v. St. R.K. Luchthavenpastoraat Schiphol
Website https://rk.airportchaplaincy.nl
Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


More information about our foundation regarding the ANBI fiscal status can be found at https://anbi.rkcn.nl/publicaties/HAA770